Tuesday, December 30, 2008

vitamin K2 can reverse hardening of the arteries!

see the exciting review of the latest research on vitamin K at lifeextension.com. Vitamin K2 prevents hardening of the arteries, bone loss and certain types of cancer.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

info on how to join dr demarco webcast on december 30

Happy Holidays Everyone!

"The Bone Building Solution" is the topic
of my "Green Tea with Marilee" show
next Tuesday December 30th at 7 PM EST

You owe it to yourself to be there and get this information
from a leading medical authority in womens issues and
one of the authors of this popular book.

Click on this link (or copy and paste this link
if it is not highlighted in another color) and
go to this webpage and register for this f'ree event.

Click Here Now:

This topic is a great awareness for you to have as you go into the new year!

"See" you there,
Marilee Tolen RN, HN-BC
Host, Green Tea with Marilee


Monday, November 17, 2008

ignoring lyme disease is a crime

After watching the award winning documentary under our skin (see underourskin.com) I was very depressed at how many adults and children are suffering so severely from this underdiagnosed and undertreated disease. Also see lymeactiongroup.blogspot.com

zoomer show

I was disappointed when I dropped by the zoomer show held at the Ex. The theme should have been disease, debt, disability and death. As I walked in they were playing Volare. I hated the music. There were drug company sponsored booths on heart disease, diabetes and stroke. There was a lot on retirement homes, protecting your money, and electric bikes. There was one booth on walking tours of Toronto. Just as I went to leave, someone offered me a free flu shot, and I was horrified.

There was nothing there that resembled the zoomer philosophy. I thought it must be aimed at the 75 plus crowd? In any case, what a concept of aging. It was really depressing.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

third world medical care

An 86 year old woman breaks her hip, lies in a hospital bed for four days waiting for surgery and then dies within four days of surgery, is cremated before any family can arrive and has her rings stolen somewhere in the process. The cause of death is listed as " accidental" and the required autopsy was never done. The family is stunned.

This takes place not in some broken down hospital in rural Africa, but in a major hospital in Ontario.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

saturday night in the kootenays

An amazing full on hot sunny day, everything is resplendent. I took my goats for a walk by the river and soaked up as many rays as possible. It is amazing how restoritive to spend even a few hours outside.

Then I had no idea how easy it is to create a blog. 7000 blogs are being created every hour.