Sunday, May 31, 2009

Battling opiods bad rap

This is the title of an excellent article in the Medical Post dated April 21 2009. It is written by Dr. Roman D. Jovey, Program Director, CPM Centres for Pain Management. He quotes Henry Louis Mencken saying, " For every complex problem there is a simple solution...and it is usually wrong."

"Simple solutions for complex medical problems such as chronic pain rarely work, Jovey goes on to say, " rarely work. Simply banning or restricting certain opioids would likely cause great harm to the majority of people with pain who use opiods responsibly...

About 10 % of people will misuse the medications, that leaves a possible 90% improperly treated for severe pain.

"However ," continues Jovey, "what pain clinicians hear from our patients affllicted with intractable pain is that properly prescribed opiod medications in fact give them back their jobs, improve family relationships and enhance their quality of life by controlling their pain."

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