Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do Not Get The Swine Flu Vaccine!

My dear friend Edda West has been educating the public for over 20 years on the dangers of vaccinations. Much of the supposed safety of vaccines has no basis in scientific fact. The sheer number of vaccines- I believe it is 11- given to vulnerable infants starting at 2 months of age is of great concern. The link between measles vaccine and autism is also worrisome.

The business of making the swine flu vaccine is an industry with unlimited profit margin. It will be worth billions. It has however nothing to do with human health. In fact there is a dangerous additive to this vaccine that has triggered autoimmune disease. Please do your own research and by all means check out Edda's comprehensive website at


steve said...

further to swine flue,,, check the "60 minutes" story about the new zealand farmer cure of it and his luekemia, by intraveous vitamin c,, so so much safer, and it WORKED

danielboris said...